About me

I am a Danish
graphic designer with
my own line of products:
greeting cards, note books
and hand-made bracelets –
all in a contemporary
Scandinavian style


My greeting cards and bracelets
are based on a few important
design principles:

My cards and bracelets can be used
for all occasions, all year round and all over the world.

Besides that I mostly work in
mono colour (monochrome) - which
means that every product consists of
only one colour or variations
of the same colour.
This applies to both greeting cards
and bracelets.
With my product line, I worship
nature in a contemporary, clean and simple
Scandinavian style.

Sanne Lindberg cards and note books
are printed in Denmark on
environmentally friendly paper.

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About my hand braided bracelets:
My bracelet design mixes the
tradition for hand braided jewellery
from The East, with a Nordic, clean
and contemporary look.
All bracelets are in mono colour
which means, for instance; red stones
with red cord, sand coloured/golden
stones with sandy coloured cord
and so on….

The colours in Sanne Lindberg
bracelet collection no 1 are;
Scarlet red, Pale sand,
Light purple/lavender, Deep black
and Forest green.
The stones are beautiful and
fascinating carnelian, agate, jade,
chalcedonia, jaspis, onyx and more…
The bracelets are hand braided in
Denmark with a strong and
durable cord.
The stones are genuine,
semi-precious stones.

About the stones and
their meaning:

To many people, the different stones
each represent a special meaning -
and many believe in the healing- and
strong powers of the stones.
Therefore, it is my plan - in the near
future, to add to my site an overview
over each stone and their
special meaning

It is a marvellous world that opens up
and I am truly fascinated
by both the beauty, history and origin
of the stones.

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